Inspiro Esthetic Line
Innovative composite developed under the guidance of Dr. Didier Dietschi
Now available in Estonia and Latvia!
We are delighted to annouce that Dental Education OÜ has become an exclusive dealer of Inspiro composite in Estonia and Latvia! The most popular items of the Inspiro line are now available for orders!
Developed by Dr. Didier Diestchi
D.M.D, PhD, Privat-Docent, Specialist SVPR, Ass. Professor (Geneva, Switzerland)
Received his degree in Dentistry in 1984, a Doctoral thesis in 1989 and Privat-Docent degree in 2004 all from the University of Geneva; he also earned a PhD degree in 2003 from ACTA University, in Amsterdam (Netherlands). After maintaining various teaching and research positions at the University of Geneva, he is currently active as a senior lecturer at this university and is also adjunct Professor at Case Western University, in Cleveland (USA). He has authored more than 100 publications in the field of adhesive & aesthetic restorations and has given hundreds of lectures worldwide. Dr. D. Dietschi is in charge of perio-implant surgery and also is performing anterior aesthetic restorations.
"Swiss haute couture" in esthetics
Dental Education OÜ is introducing a new level in direct esthetic restorations with the inspiro direct system. This material expands the possibilities in free-hand bonding techniques following the well-established „NATURAL LAYERING CONCEPT" leading to uncompromised esthetic and functional results thanks to the new, improved homogenous nano-hybrid technology combining surface smoothness and mechanical strength.

Inspiro homogenous nano hybrid composite is a state-of-the-art, light cure and radiopaque filling material for restorations of all cavity classes. Inspiro uses a new patented process of manufacturing
special nano particles, characterized by the fact that the individual nano particles do not agglomerate to clusters. Agglomeration causes the particles to lose a large portion of their property profile. The
inspiro nano technology leads to significant improvements of the product mechanical properties and surface qualities.
The following items from the Inspiro line are now available for orders in Estonia and Latvia:
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