iSee 9000 microscope
Innovative surgical microscope Isee by Woodpecker
Now available in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania!
We are delighted to announce that Dental Education OÜ has become an exclusive dealer of the innovative surgical microscope iSee 9000 in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania!
iSee by Woodpecker
Innovative surgical microscope
iSee 9000 is an innovative microscope intended for endodontics, prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry, periodontology and implantology.
Stepless zoom system: zoom factor 0.4x - 2.4x. Continuous zoom adjustment 1.6x - 19.6x.
Binocular tube: tiltable 0 - 210°.
SCHOTT lenses + Apochromatic + multilayer optical coating.
Objective lens: 12.5x wide field eyepiece, diopter adjustment range 7D. The range of adjustment of the distance between the tubes is 52-75 mm.
Varifocal lens: F190 - 460 mm.
Lighting: 70,000 lx.
Light spot diameter: Ø 78 mm, evenly adjustable light spot size.
Diameter of field of view: Ø 133 - 11.3 mm.
Filters: Orange and green.
Lighting system: LED light source, adjustable brightness.
4K high-definition video system, 4096 x 2160 ultra-high resolution.
Video recording system: SD card/U-disk.
iSee surgical microscope
High configuration
This is the highest configuration of iSee surgical microscope by Woodpecker